White Gourd Pendant Fashion Necklace

White Gourd Pendant Fashion Necklace
White Gourd Pendant Fashion Necklace
White Gourd Pendant Fashion Necklace

White Gourd Pendant Fashion Necklace

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This beautiful white gourd pendant is a perfect addition to any collection. 


Gourd - Money comes in...Money doesn't go out!

The popular name for the calabash is bottle gourd. It is particularly auspicious in both Chinese and Japanese cultures and has a wide range of applications.


The gourd is known as hulu in Chinese. The first letter, hu, is a homophone of the words meaning blessing and "to protect or guard". Small children used to have hulu tied to their backs in the past in case they fell into a river, stream, or ocean. The hulu is a common charm used to ward against illnesses and evil spirits.


Numerous Taoist immortals, including Iron-Crutch Li, were seen carrying gourds in Chinese mythology. The immortals also used the gourd to store medicines, elixirs of magic, and other substances.


FASHION JEWELRY CARE: If you have an allergy, discontinue wearing. This is fashion jewelry and is not genuine gold or silver. Keep children under five away from this product.

- Remove if sweating

- Remove jewelry before bathing or washing.

- Avoid combining the jewelry with hard objects or other jewelry.

- Regularly clean it and keep the item dry. For instance, increased sweating or bathing, etc., will alter the color.

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White Gourd Pendant Fashion Necklace
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